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Co-Lab Coffee

For nice people

Co-Lab Coffee is a branding project for a London based independent coffee shop
and social space. The task was to create a unique identity that stands out amongst
other independent coffee shops and conveys a sense of community.

The project develops a warm and distinct visual language. The dynamic typography evokes a jumbled stack of coffee beans and instills playfulness into the brand style.
The spirited tone of voice takes this feeling further and adds a sense of authenticity.
The colour palette conveys joyfulness and distinguishes the brand from competitors which often take on darker palettes. The hand illustrations form a recognisable iconographic style. They are inspired by the way we use our hands to aid expression and communicate with one another. Distinctive gestures appear throughout the branding to assist the tone of voice and convey the attitude of Co-Lab. These gestures add another level of meaning to the brand style that expresses personal connection and community.

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