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Devilish Doughnuts

Sugar with a dash of spice

Devilish Doughnuts is a branding concept and packaging design for a doughnut company that aims to entice even the healthiest eaters. The challenge was to develop a distinctive brand style and tone of voice that encourages everyone, even health nuts, to listen to the devil on their shoulder and indulge themselves.

The concept driving this design is sugary sweet with a dash of spice. The packaging,
like the doughnuts themselves, is devilishly tempting and as naughty as it is nice. The bold colour and type reflects the confidence and attitude of the brand. The expressive and straight talking tone of voice is engaging and conveys cheeky energy. The simple but striking graphics create a cohesive visual system that makes Devilish Doughnuts instantly recognisable.

UI & UX Design

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