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The Museum

of Wonderment

Inspiring curiosity

The Museum of Wonderment is a rebrand of the New Children’s Museum of San Diego, an interactive children’s museum centred on creativity, play and learning. The aim was
to create an engaging and accessible visual identity that appeals to parents as much as children. The key words driving this design are Accessible, Refreshing and Inquisitive.

The brand design is built around being welcoming and inspiring curiosity. Influenced by the idea of transformation, hand drawn elements appear over simple geometric shapes to create unique characters that form an an easy-to-read and expressive visual system. By transforming basic shapes into recognisable characters, the viewer is encouraged to look at the simplest of things in a new way. These colourful characters take on the role
of friend and guide as they appear consistently throughout digital and print media, and signage, assisting the visitor throughout their experience. The expressive visual identity evokes an immersive and playful environment that conveys a sense of joy and ease whilst the clean and clear design appeals to children and adults alike.

UI & UX Design

Museum App Final.png
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