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The Maverick Method

Break the mould

The Maverick Method is a fundraising campaign that aims to raise awareness around
the UK’s first MDMA-assisted therapy trial for those who suffer from severe PTSD.

The task was to create a distinct visual system that embodies the pioneering spirit
of MDMA-assisted therapy and expresses a sense of rebelliousness inherent in this unorthodox medicinal approach.

The evocative and easy-to-understand graphic elements form a daring visual system
that captures attention and establishes recognition. The striking colour palette injects dynamism into the campaign and conveys boldness. The vibrant colours stand out against the black and white photography. This contrast encourages the viewer to
look again and actually contemplate what they are viewing. The subject matter of
the photography, whilst not directly related to medicine or hospital trials, has been
carefully selected to demonstrate the grit and determination of both the trial and
the participants.

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