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Hi! I’m Olivia but you can call me Oly!


I am an enthusiastic and driven designer with a meticulous eye for detail and
strong conceptual and creative judgement.


My approach is empathetic, consistent and collaborative. Using core design methodologies, I create innovative and insightful concepts and deliver strong
design solutions. I solve problems through systematic reasoning and purposeful
design, leading to compelling visual communication.


In my current position I have proved my ability to work to agency-wide processes and have delivered strategic conceptual ideas and innovative design solutions for a range
of clients such as IBM, Heathrow, BP and NBCUniversal.


Whilst I enjoy being part of a wider agency, I am confident and capable of working independently. My experience freelancing testifies to my confidence as a designer, diverse design approaches and reflects my diligent and industrious nature. As a freelancer, I have designed logos, websites and produced illustrations for boutique brands and individual clients.


I take pride in every aspect of my work, big and small, and in being part of a wider agency. With my drive, creativity and can-do attitude I’m a great addition to any team.


I am interested in permanent and freelance positions so get in touch!

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